5 Important Lawn Accessories To Have

Your lawn is the jewel of your home. It is often the place where you are most likely to spend your wee hours and make some amazing memories. And therefore, ornamenting this prime family and social space is very important and rewarding. On that note, today we will be letting you into the 5 Important Lawn Accessories To Have for your lawn!

Lawn accessories come and go, but we are going to show you a few classic and useful accessories, which you will cherish for years and years to come. Each and every one of them is an investment, and that’s a promise. Without further ado, let’s start accessorizing your lawn!

1. Lawn mower cover

Lawn Mower Cover lawn accessories

Classic Accessories 73117 Black Lawn Mower Cover

Lawn mowers these days don’t come cheap, and the ones that do can’t seem to last for a few days. Needless to say, if you want your lawn mower to survive those extra years, then you’ll need to take off the machine that takes care of the lawn. How so? With a lawn mower cover, of course!

A lawn mower cover is exactly what you think it is…a cover for your lawn mower. These covers cocoon the whole of your lawn mower like a blanket. Can’t get any simpler than that. However, there’s a lot more to these covers than just blanketing your mower. First and foremost, using a lawn mower cover helps with one of the most common and annoying problems of the machine: rusting. Yep. It’s no new. Lawn mower rust soon than you can spell it. And this abomination speeds up furthermore when you place the lawn mower outside in the open, outdoors. This not only cuts down on the life span of the machine but also dulls cutting blades and furthermore makes it difficult to use. Fortunately, the lawn mower cover is exactly what you can use to prevent this. It acts as a shield from the external moisture and humidity and prevents early chances of rusting. In addition to that, let’s not forget the fact that you’ll no longer need to run out into the rain to push the mower back into the tin shed anymore. One more excuse to be lazy, and we like it!

Lawn mower covers come in various size, shapes, and colors. You will furthermore find them made from different types of materials ranging from plastics to nylon or polyester. One thing you may want to look out for in lawn mower covers is straps or cords. These will let you tighten and secure the cover on the mower for a more custom and snug fit. One furthermore thing to look into is that you buy non-shrinking and mold-free fabric. Prices of these covers are more or less affordable, and can, in fact, start from as low as $10 depending on the quality and size of the cover you get. And if you are all about the fuss-free and lazy life, then you may want to cut to chase and get yourself a universal mower cover instead. It fits mowers of all sizes. That’s sizing issues out of your checklist!


2. Patio Table

Lawn accessories outdoor table

Panama Jack PJO-1201-ATQ-RT Rum Cay Rectangular Dining Table

The second accessory to make it our list is your forever favorite, patio table. And the need and want for a patio table on your lawn is unnecessary and very self-explanatory, guys. Needless today, if there’s anything you would like to spend some extra bucks on, do it on buying a quality, durable and beautiful patio table.

Why so? Pretty simple, actually. Your patio table isn’t a seasonal or festive decoration. It is there to stay and stay with you for years and years to come. You will be using it to sit with your kids, your neighbors, and host outdoor feasts and so on. Truly, the patio lawn is where you will be basking in the glory of great conversations and amazing company! Apart from that, let’s not also forget the fact that the right patio table can make to lawn go from being a 0 to a 100 real quick! The market is teeming with beautiful and gorgeous patio table. You have everything from minimal to OTT, contemporary to traditional and regal. Whatever you want for your lawn, it’s out there!  We, however, are especially fans of those simple, porcelain white patio table which come with intricately designed chairs. And speaking of which, we personally recommend that you get the table with enough chairs plus 2 extra for those sudden-appearance guests. It is furthermore a great idea that you get a patio table with an umbrella or any sort of shade to shield you and your family from intense and direct sunlight. However, opting for a detachable umbrella or shade is much better since many of us like getting our tan on during the summer. We furthermore advise you to take your local weather and climate into account when deciding for a patio table. If you live in a very wet, damp atmosphere with frequent rainfalls, then we recommend that you refrain from a wooden table. Similarly, if you happen to live in soaring hot temperatures, avoid metal tables. Alright, enough of that. Let’s look into the main deal now.

Depending on the size of your patio table, a number of chair, design, and works, and brand, the price of this furniture will vary dramatically so pinpointing a precision price range is tough. However, patio tables can start from prices cheap as $300!


3. Outdoor pool

Lawn Accessories Pool

Intex 8ft X 30in Easy Set Pool Set with Filter Pump

Ah yes, the pool. There is no luxury in the world quite as luxurious as having a pool on your lawn. An outdoor pool is a lifelong investment for your home and your family. There is absolutely no summer that goes by without using the outdoor pool. The kids, the friends and your dog, everyone could appreciate dipping into the pool on those hot summer days, so make sure you hook yourself up with a fantastic outdoor pool for your lawn.

Now, if you are well-off and can afford a house with automatically comes with a pool, that’s great. Good on you. But for those residents who don’t have an outdoor pool, don’t dry, we got you on this. Everyone knows about those inflatable pools for kids and toddlers, but did you know that you can also enjoy similar pools, full-size? Thanks to some smart manufacturers, you no longer mine your lawn to make a pool, nor break the bank trying to buy a house, which comes with one. You could swim away in a ready-to-use- outdoor pool! These pools come with an inflating pump and some in various sizes. You can pick whichever complements you lawn size best. We always recommend getting one enough capacity for 4 people, but of course, you know what’s best for you. Apart from that, these pools are very much portable since they deflate into nothing and usually come with storage bags. In other words, you can carry your pool away from the lawn! These pools also come in various colors and designs to match your mood and lawn décor. However, the real question is, are these outdoor pools are strong and durable as the real one? Umm well, no. These pools do wobble when it get overcrowded or overfilled, and there are a few instances of leaks and punctures every now and then. However, these outdoor pools give you the same experience as your real, in-ground pools. And to add to that, these pools aren’t that easy to break or puncture either. These are made with tough, stretchy and durable pool fabric which should last you years. We also recommend that you use proper water cleaning chemicals like skin and fabric-friendly bleach, water softener and so on. This is of course, you are to leave the pool filled out for days.

The price of such outdoor pools can vary greatly from the size you get, the water capacity, depth and of course, brand. However, the more affordable outdoor pools can start somewhere for $60 for a family of 4! Spend a few extra buck, and you can upgrade to deeper pools with ladders, steps, pools with water heaters and so on. It is the perfect outdoor accessory for your lawn, minus the hundreds and thousands of dollars in maintenance!


4. Tool racks

Lawn accessories Tool Racks

Monkey Bars Yard Tool Rack

Apart from just look stunning, your lawn should just as much be functional and easy to use. On that note, one of the most useful and functional accessories to have on any lawn is a tool rack. These racks make caring for and maintaining the lawn so much for efficient, easy and fun!

Tools rack, much like the clothing tracks in our closet, hold various different types of tools. This doesn’t mean power drills and hammers are the only things you can store there. You can store anything and everything you need for your lawn. This includes broom,  leaf rake, shovel, snipping or gardening scissors, and the list goes on. The tool rack, most of them at least, are drilled onto the walls inside of a tool shed. However, you can choose to drill the tool rack outdoors in any discreet spot on the lawn, away from the eyes. That being said, you now have tools racks that are free-standing and does not need the drilling at all. They are kind of like baskets with several holes on the top to accommodate the handles and sticks of the many lawn tools. You furthermore have tool racks which also come with small compartments to safely store small, valuable bits and pieces like nuts and bolts. Tool racks come in various sizes and colors, various types of storages and of course, in various materials. Traditional tools rack are made from wood, but we personally recommend that you sget yourself a plastic one since woods rot and metals rust. Having said that, modern tool racks are very durable and reliable due to their special outer coating, so you just might go for wood or metal after all.

If you don’t want to drill in the tool rack then we recommend that you get a free-standing tool rack. You can furthermore find tool racks which come with an adhesive sticker on the back. One very handy feature to look for in tool racks is the ability to adjust the tension of the opening on the rack. Some tools are wider handles than other, and vice versa, so being able to adjust the tension will mean that every tool is fit snuggly in place. Tool r4acks are very affordable and can, in fact, start from prices as low as $10 for the basic ones!


5. Lawn aerator spike shoes

Lawn Accessories Aerator shoes

Bond 9215 Green Giant Spiked Aerator Shoes

For a beautiful lush, green lawn, you need rich, healthy soil. And for anyone who’s done a bit of lawn-keeping in their lives, they know how important it is to aerate the soil. And one of the best ways to do that is through the aerator spike shoes.

These “shoes” have several spikes under then which are often over 3 inches in length. So, when you walk on the lawn, these spikes create holes into the soil. Now, what does aerating the soil exactly do for the lawn? Only great things! Creating holes and perforations into the ground allows the soil to have access to more oxygen. This consequently means that the plant’s roots get enough oxygen as well. And eventually, the growth and nutrient intake of the grass increases. Aerating the lawn is furthermore very important where the lawn is very congested. Grass does not grow well is packed and congested soil. They demand fluffy and light soil and the aerator spike shoes, therefore, does wonder. Perforating the soil furthermore means that fertilizers soil nutrients reach the plants more easily. There are several aerating machines in the market, but none is more convenient and affordable than an aerator spike shoes. You just put them on and get to walking! A great fitness tool too, eh?

Aerator spike shoes are more or less all the same in terms of design. They usually come with straps for fit and in a size that usually fits most wearers. As for price, these shoes can cost anywhere from $20 and above!


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