Best Lawn Mower Blades

Blades are the most essential part of the mower. Since they let the mower cut the lawn, it is important you get the best one. The quality of the blades depends on its sharpness. And if you get a sharp blade for mowing, then it is definitely worth buying. So you can guess now that where this article is actually moving to? Exactly, we have got some really good blades that we will be reviewing Thus, we have come up with our 5 favorite products that we have picked up for you to try. They have earned some great statements from the users for which they got thumbs up.

Best Lawn Mower Blades

Craftsman Mower Blade

Craftsman best lawn Mower Blade

Craftsman is one of the popular brands that is known for its high quality and durable product. Thus we can say similar things for their mower as well. The blades by Craftsman come in various sizes to satisfy your needs. The sizes range from 18 inches to 28 inches.  Moreover, you will get three sets of 2 blades or a total of 6 blades for using them on 46 inches decks. Besides, the blades are 26 inches long with 2.75 inches width and 0.15 inch thick. Additionally, you will get them long-lasting enough to use them for years. The most important thing about the blade is it manicures the grass just like the way you want. And as it lasts longer so you can use it for years. So, overall it is a very good product to buy.


  • Their sharpness stays for a longer time, hence they are durable.
  • The blades are heavy-duty.
  • They are made of American steel, so they are high in quality.
  • They come in 3 sets, and you will get 6 blades in total.
  • They cut the grass very well.


  • They might not fit on many decks.
  • They are a bit pricey.


Oregon G3 95-605-3 Gator Blades



Another product we have on the list is Oregon blades. You will get the blades in a set of three. Thus it is convenient to replace the blades easily. Besides, the blades are also sharp enough to cut the grass quite decently. Thus, with G3 95-605-3, you can get a well-sharpened blade for your lawn. To add more, the blades fit on 54 inches deck and talking about its excellence, the blades can cut greatly at 18.5 inches long, 2.5 inches wide with 0.187 inches thick. Moreover, the blades are also heat treated. Thus, you can guess the durability of the product just with these features. They are good enough to give your grass a healthier look.


  • Perfect for decks with 54 inches wide.
  • Fits well on other machinery as well.
  • The blades are heat-treated.
  • It is excellent for mulching.
  • The blades are sharp enough to cut the grass at one pass.
  • They are durable.
  • You will get a set of three blades for replacement.


  • The angle might not be perfect for ideal mulching.
  • The blade features a curved profile, which might be a pain to sharpen.
  • They might not fit on many mowers.


Husqvarna HU21462- Premium Hi-Lift Bagging Blade

Husqvarna HU21462- Premium Hi-Lift Bagging Blade

The HU21462 comes in 23 inches long, 7 inches wide and 2 inches thick. You can call the blade a perfect tool as it has the capacity to side discharge and bag quite greatly. Moreover, like the name says, you will get the blades in two pack. It means you do not need to buy another set as it does the job for a very long time. Thus there is no question on its durability. To add more, the blades tend to be perfect for decks with 46 inches width. Additionally, the blades will help you to cut the lawn so that you can keep the grass green for a longer time. Just because the blades are made of high-quality materials, they will stay sharp after several uses. Moreover, you do not even need special maintenance for using the blades.


  • The blade stays sharp for a long time.
  • It comes in two pack.
  • Comes in high-quality materials.
  • It is sharp enough to cut the grass perfectly.
  • The blade is strong and durable.
  • It is ideal for 46 inches decks.


  • It might bend instantly if a stump is hit.


MaxPower 331740S Blade

MaxPower 331740S Blade


If you still want more options to look for, this is another great product to buy from MaxPower. Like the name says, the blade has the maximum power to cut the grass to give it a good shape. Although the blade has come from the United States, the manufacturer has put all the love and dedication to the blade so it can give the best output. So, with 22 inches long and 2.5 inches wide, you can actually get a well-sharpened knife that will trim the lawn greatly. However, you will find a 5 points star center hole in the blade. And besides you will get the blade in a longer length but still, it tends to cut maximum amount of the lawn at one pass. Thus, if you think these features are enough to satisfy your needs, you should definitely think of buying it.


  • The blade is durable.
  • It is sharp enough to cut the grass nicely.
  • It is ideal for Craftsman, Poulan or Husqvarna Walk Behind Mower.
  • The blade is solid and well made.
  • It is an ideal replacement blade.


  • The fit might not be as tight as the original blade.
  • It is not as sharp as you expect.


Stens 340-066 PK2 Mulching Blade



This is the last one we have on the list. You will get them in 2 and they are pretty kind enough to do the job greatly for your lawn. So the blades fit basically a deck of 42 inches. And you will get the mulching blade compatible with any type of mower, be it Craftsman, Husqvarna or Poulan. Moreover, the blades are popular for its sharpness and efficiency. So you can trust that the blades will cut the lawn at just a single pass. Moreover, it also will give your grass a good look. As for its mulching capacity, they are superb in doing the job. Thus, you can think of fertilizing your grass so it can grow well in the future. Thus with these great features, you can get a good replacement blade for your lawn.


  • They fit perfectly a 42 inches deck.
  • They are sharp enough to cut the grass neatly.
  • The blades are long lasting.
  • They are great at mulching.
  • They are compatible with Craftsman, Husqvarna or Poulan.


  • The blades are quite thinner than you expect.
  • The blade might get twisted if hits a root.


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▬ Benefit of A Good Blade for Lawn Mower ▬

The most key benefit that a good blade does for your lawn is it cuts the grass decently so that your lawn looks healthy and clean. For this, you need to have one that comes with sharpened edges with durability. However, we will yet state the perks that you can enjoy having the types of blades. Hence, this part will highlight the advantages of the blades according to its types.

#1. The reel blades: These are the most classic blade to mow. The job of the blade is to push into the ground while you walk for mowing. The benefit of owning a reel blade is, it helps to trim the grass evenly. And you do not even need the use of electricity or petrol for using one. The blades come in a unique shape with a curvy edge that has been designed for kinetic power.

#2. The Low lift bade: The blades that are low lift are designed for side discharging the grass basically. The blades are positioned in such so that they stay close to the ground. Thus it provides a quick discharging rate of trimming. This is one of the benefits that low lift blades feature. However, they also provide straight lines that help your lawn look more beautiful and give it a rigid feel.

#3. The High lift Blade: This is not a common blade although but it has some benefit that you can make a use of it. these blades are for pushing the ground of the lawn via trimming upwards. Thus, it helps them look more efficient and well-organized for bagging purposes. Moreover, the blades create a fan suction effect that let them push the lawn further and then further to a waste bag. Besides, another benefit is that their ability to protect the mower from having the lawn get clogged in the clipping area.

#4. Mulching Blade: These types of blades tend to give the grass a healthier and vibrant look. You can use this blade to easily mulch the lawn and you can spread it across the yard. Thus it works like the job of low-lift blade. But it has its own unique functions to do. These blades are made with low lift profile with a dip. The dip lets the blade to spread the trimming lawn evenly even in the process of mowing. If you want your lawn to mulch, then you can own this one for your yard.

#5. The3-in-1 Blade: The 3 in 1 blade is an ideal blade for those who want to mulch the lawn, spread a bit higher and want them to create clean lines in the yard. That’s the job of the blade which you call it 3 in one. You can also call them gator blades. Moreover, the blades coming with a mulching feature let it do the job for mulching integration. And for its serrated segments via cutting the lawn finely makes it more popular among the user to mow.


▬ The Lawn Mower Brands ▬

MaxPower: This is one of the popular brands that deliver us high quality and durable blades. They basically manufacture their blades from the United States of America at Glennville, GA. The brand offers 3 different styles of universal blades that feature a 1-inch center hole. Additionally, with 6 reducing washers in the size of the blades, they provide maximum universality.

Stens: The brand claims to be the leader in the equipment industry. They basically manufacture their products from the US and spread them worldwide. However, the brand carries more than 7,000 products including belts, blades, spark plugs, golf mower parts and other significant tools.

Husqvarna: This is a Swedish company that started its journey in 1689. They have been delivering us products include trimmers, chainsaws ride-on lawn mowers, and robotic lawn mowers.


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▬ Frequently Asked Questions ▬

Q: What is the difference between a regular blade and a mulching blade?

A: A mulching blade is a blade that provides discharging, bagging and chopping them to a fine mulch for spreading them on the lawn evenly. But a regular blade offers side discharge and bagging only.

Q: What would you use mulching blades?

A: The mulching blades offer faster clipping and they tend to recycle moisture and nutrients back to the soil.

Q: How often do the blades need sharpening?

A: The blades need to sharpen after about every 2 years.

Q: How would you understand which blade size is ideal for your mower?

A: You should buy the blades according to the size of cutting deck of the mower. The blades come with its deck measurements to fit.


▬ Final Words ▬

Mowing blade is something essential that has to with sharp edges because the actual mowing depends entirely on the blades of the mower. And these top 5 blades are definitely the best blades that people are loving to use for cutting their lawn. They do not cut the grass effectively but last long as well to prove their durability. The picked ones that we have selected have almost all the features that you want for mowing. Hence, if you are looking for a high-quality blade, these top will quite solve your issues of searching. You may like to have a look at our best cordless lawn mower review.

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