Trimming the hedges has always been the worst thing to do. It’s because those times had got us such trimmers that we would completely like to toss out. But gone are the days when you had to suffer this much for a owning a complicated trimmer. So here we thought of providing you a DeWalt DCHT820B review so that you can realize that you can still enjoy a yard time. This product owns some great features that invited us to give a review on it. So if you still have questions regarding the product, this DeWalt DCHT820B review will help you a lot.

▬ DeWalt DCHT820B Review ▬

DEWALT DCHT820B review hedge trimmer

Being Cordless:

The hedge trimming is never a good idea when you cutting them with a corded machine. The cord extension has always been a hassle to mess with. However, the best thing about the DCHT820B is you will get it cordless. So, it is not a gas powered but an electric cordless machine so that you can cut the hedge without any boundaries.

Powerful Device with Great Battery:

Another great thing about the DeWalt DCHT820B is it comes with a powerful brushless motor that will provide a great output with a smooth laser cut. The trimmer is strong enough to cut even the bush in the long run. And it’s the 5Ah lithium ion20v battery that lets the trimmer do the work much more precisely. Talking more about the battery, you can use the tool for a whole day on a single charge. So, you can enjoy using it on yard day as it will do all the job for you for its great battery and power.But you have to buy the battery separately to check that out.

Sharp Blades:

As for the blades, let me tell you that this DeWalt DCHT820B comes with a nice sharp and hard steel blades. It has been engineered just for providing a clean and fast cut. Moreover, the blades that measure 22 inches in length tend to trim the branches up to 3 to 4 of an inch thick. Besides, the hooked tooth design is capable enough to quickly trim the hedges. Not only that the sharp blades will also give a clean cut.And you have to put less effort since it gives a wonderful result. And this is the reason why we thought of providing you with DeWalt DCHT820B review.

Compact in Size:

Another great feature about the DeWalt DCHT820B is you will get it in a compact size. And as it is compact, it is a bit easier to use. As for the weight of the trimmer, you might expect it to be lightweight for its compact feature. Well yeah! You can guess that right!The DCHT820B weighs lightweight as it comes in mini size. But some of the girls might find it a bit heavy while using it so it could be a bit disadvantage for the ladies. However, with 7.5 lbs, you can still maneuver it easily for trimming the hedges and to watch out the amazing result, you have to own one.

Less Maintenance:

The cool thing about this thing is it does not need much maintenance for using the tool. You neither need carburetor nor spark plugs because it is cordless. You do not even need air filters to maintain the trimmer. All you have to do is start the tool instantly and operate it over the hedges. So you can conveniently take the advantage of using the trimmer with its less maintenance technology.

DEWALT DCHT820B review hedge trimmer

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  • Powerful motor with great output.
  • Trims up to 3 or 4 inches thick branches
  • 22 inches blade.
  • Compact design.
  • Bare tool item.
  • It does not come with the battery.


  • The blades are very sharp and durable.
  • The trimmer cuts precisely and greatly.
  • The one with the battery helps to last it for a longer time, so you can use it for a whole day.
  • The trimmer comes with the powerful motor.
  • Mini in size and lightweight to use.
  • It comes with the brushless motor.
  • It does not make much noise.
  • As it is cordless, so you can use it easily and conveniently.


  • The girls might find it a bit heavy to use.
  • You might find disappointment in its durability.
  • It does not come with a lock on the switch, hence pressing the switch for the entire time is a bit annoying.
  • After several uses, it might start to make an annoying noise.

 DEWALT DCHT820B review


▬ Frequently Asked Questions ▬

Q: Does it come with the brushless motor?

A: Yes, it comes with the brushless motor.

Q: Where is Dewalt hedge trimmer manufactured?

A: It is manufactured in China.

Q: Can it give a sharp, smooth and clean trim?

A: Yes, the hedge trimmer gives a sharp, smooth and clean trim.

Q: Will this work via a 18v battery?

A: No, it will not work with an 18 battery, you need to put the 20v battery to use it.

Q: What is the power input voltage of the charger?

A: The trimmer comes with 110-volt power input charger.

Q: Can you remove the blade easily for replacement?

A: No, you cannot remove the blade as it comes attached, for this you have to disassemble the whole unit.

Q: Does it come with a charger?

A: No, the bare tool one does not come with a charger.

Q: Can this cut thick branches?

A: Yes, it can cut thick branches.

Q: What is the weight of the trimmer?

A: It weights about 7.5 lbs, hence it is pretty lightweight.

So, trimming the branches is a very easy thing if you use DeWalt DCHT820B. This thing works amazing as it comes with all the cool features. Once you get the tool, you will realize the values of DeWalt DCHT820B review just because it is great. Besides, its high-quality performance is another thing to surely impress you in spite of its con parts. So if you are looking for a cool hedge trimmer, you can think of owning this one. Because it has the ability to make your yard day a great day.So I hope this DEWALT DCHT820B review will help you out to choose the trimmer for your yard.

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