Being a lawn owner feels always like being a mother. Because you have to take care of your lawn each time when it needs. The essential job to do is to keep your grass look alive with a good shape. And what you need to do that? A mower.But spending a lot of money on an expensive mower is never a good idea if you get one in reasonable price with high-quality features. Hence, we came up with great states reel mower review that will solve all your issues. And trust me you will find this great states reel mower review completely unbiased as we will check out both of its positive and negative sides.

— Great States Reel Mower Review —

great states reel mower review

Trim Quality:

Let us start the great states reel mower review with its cut quality since it is an essential part of the mower. So, it is a manual reel mower that features 14 inches cutting deck width. The 5-blade set is sharp enough to trim the grass to give it a good shape and helps it look alive. Hence the 3 Spider Ball Bearing reels of the Great States do the job of a pair of sharp scissors so that it can cut the grass cleanly and precisely. As a result, you will get a greener and a healthier grass to live with. But a little disadvantage is that it might not cut the taller or thicker grass decently as it tends to do the job for small or low growing grass only. So if you won a small or medium sized lawn, it is a perfect thing for you.But if own a larger one, you can stop reading the article right here. Hehe.

Wheels for Movement:

Another essential feature of the mower is the tires that let the mower move. The 304-14 comes with 10 inches composite wheels. Its rubber tires help in the portability of the mower for which you can cut the lawn. Besides, you can roll and turn the wheel easily if you won smaller lawn with taller or thick grass. The wheels with roll over the lawn easily and with a light push, you can drive the mower comfortably. Hence, if you even have uneven grass, you can think of using it to make it even with the power of the mower.

Low Maintenance:

A great thing about the mower is that it just needs less maintenance to handle. This is a great advantage that you can enjoy having it. All you need is to start a reel mower with a push. Neither you need a cord for pulling nor an engine to maintain. And no engine means its non-electric and non-gas powered mower. So as you do not need plugs to use the mower, you can drive it without any mess and hassle. Thus, you can enjoy using it independently and enjoy your leisure time while you are mowing your lawn.

Height Slots:

This is another great advantage that you can utilize for owning a simple mower. It does not only have a simple design but carries simple features with simpler height adjusting system. As the mower own that function, you can adjust the height for using the mower. Moreover, you can change the height from 1 inch to 1.75 inches to cut the grass. Thus, although it looks very simple, but does a wonderful job with its little trick. However, on the flip side, you might consider it a con as well. As the mower will cut ranging from 1 inch to 1.75 inches, you will not be able to cut above the range.


The mower by the Great States come with a corrosion resistant handle coated with zinc plated. With its plastic grips, you can hold the T shaped handle that lets you drive the mower. The little disappointment is the foam part of the handle. You might not get that in good quality as the foam does not last. Not only that, the foam tends to move around the handle when you hold so you might find it quite annoying as well.

great states reel mower review


  • The mower is a quiet machine you can own.
  • It is easy to use as it just needs a push to drive.
  • It takes less space for storage.
  • It cuts like scissors cutting and can give your grass a good look.
  • It has height adjustment option.
  • It features less maintenance.
  • It is a non-engine mower, so you do not need an extra element to use it.
  • Ideal for a shorter lawn with shorter grass.


  • It is not ideal for taller grass.
  • The foam for the handle is a disappointing, not a high-quality thing.
  • It tends to work slowly.
  • It might get stuck sometimes for twigs.
  • There is no height adjustment for the handles.
  • It is a bit of hassle to change the height of the blade.

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great states reel mower review

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does the mower come with a fold down handle for storage?

A: No, the mower does not come with a fold down handle for storage.

Q: What color is this mower?

A: The mower comes in red.

Q: Where is it manufactured?

A: The mower is manufactured in China.

Q: Can it cut taller grasses?

A: No, the mower does not cut taller grasses well. It tends to work well with shorter grasses.

Q: How many e-rings are supposed to come with this mower?

A: It comes with 2 e-rings.

Q: Does it arrive assembled?

A: No, you have to assemble it to use it.

Q: How often do the blades need to sharpen?

A: The mower comes with durable blades; you can sharpen the blades after every two years.

Q: Does it cut well either push or pull?

A: it cuts well on a forward motion.


So, this is it. if you think this mower can satisfy all your need for your shorter lawn, then buying it will be a great thing to do. However, although it is not meant for taller grasses, yet it works great with low growing lawns. And we hope with this great states reel mower review, you will be able to take one for yourself. Moreover, we can guarantee that this great states reel mower review is entirely unbiased, so you can get to know both of its pros and cons.


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