If you are a lawn lover and looking for a great lawn dethatcher then we’ll say, this write will be a great profit for you. Since you find yourself confused for selecting the perfect lawn dethatchers, here we have thought of helping you out with our favorite pick that we will discuss So, if you think you want to get some good quality product, you should check out our pick that is- greenworks 27022 dethatcher! This thing is not only capable of impressing you with its great feature but also is something worth buying. Hence, we will review about greenworks 27022 dethatcher and will get to know what this great product does.

Greenworks 27022 Dethatcher


Attractive Tines:

So, if you ever get this product for yourself, the first thing that will draw attention are their tines. You will get them on a roller and the best thing about the tines is it comes with 3 positions. Therefore, you can adjust the cutting depth in three different choices. Moreover, the adjustment offers superb control via taking out the matted layer so you can promote continued lawn health. Besides, you can get extra set of 18 tines with the dethatcher so even if the tines do not work, you can replace them. Hence, dethatcher comes with really good advantages that you can use it conveniently. To talk more about the tines, greenworks 27022 dethatcher features stainless steel tines. So you can understand that how sharp will it stay. Moreover, it is not only durable but reliable as well.

Good Mechanism:

Another great thing about the greenworks 27022 dethatcher is it comes with a simple and superb mechanism. The dethatcher features an easy push button to start. But there is a slight trick that you should remember while using the product. At first, you have to plug the dethatcher in, then push the button, and then hold the handle down to start dethatching. However, you can still enjoy using it over the lawn and this dethatcher promises you to move every dirt and will give your lawn a good shape. If these features do not satisfy you then what else will? But I would advise you to move the thing forward only. It’s because pulling it backward might damage the tines.

Powerful Device:

Moving to another feature of the greenworks 27022 dethatcher, this one comes in electric and contains enough power to get the job done easily. The 27022 features a strong 10 Amp motor that tends to deliver enough power to bring your grass back to life. Although coming with a 14-inch cutting width can be a little hassle, but it is capable to do the job perfectly even in large areas. So you do not have to put your effort behind the gas-powered dethatcher since it is way easier to use. Hence, the dethatcher contains great maneuverability to impress you.

Weightless and Noiseless:

And like I said it is easy to use, it is also comfortable and lightweight to move. And another great thing about the greenworks 27022 dethatcher is it you can use it in all types of grass. Moreover, it features padded grip so you can hold the handle comfortable. Plus, as it is corded, the included extension cord lock will help you to prevent accidental disconnect.Besides, you might get many dethatcher that makes noise but this one will let you do your work peacefully as it stays quiet. So getting this machine will never disappoint you.



  • 3-position tine depth
  • 14-inch dethatching width.
  • Press in button.
  • 10 amp power.
  • Stainless steel tines with a total of 18tines for replacement.
  • Integrated extension cord lock.
  • Padded handles.
  • Bale switch.


  • It is easy to maneuver.
  • It is lightweight and durable.
  • The machine will never make noise.
  • It comes with a padded and foldable handle.
  • The wheels move efficiently.
  • You can adjust the tines in 3 choices as it has 3 positioning depth.
  • Zero carbon emission.
  • It delivers superb power to revive the grass.
  • It gives the lawn a good shape.
  • Assembling it is easy.


  • You cannot move the wheels backward as it will damage the tines.
  • Dealing with the cord constantly is quite annoying, hence the cord is a bit troublesome.
  • It might not work well with St Augustine grass.
  • The tines are not a thicker gauge.
  • It comes with flimsy rubber protection flap.
  • The width of cutting depth is a bit small for larger areas.
  • You cannot use the dethatcher on wet grass.



Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is the greenworks 27022 dethatcher self-propelled?

A: No, the dethatcher is not self-propelled.

Q: can you use the dethatcher on a wet lawn?

A: No, the dethatcher will not work well with wet lawn.

Q: What would you recommend for cord extension?

A: A 100 feet extension will work great.

Q: Can you use the dethatcher on St. Augustine grass?

A: Yes, you can use it on any types of grass.

Q: Does the dethatcher come with a brushed or brushless motor?

A: The27022 dethatcher comes with the brushed motor.

Q: What is the difference between a dethatcher and a mower?

A: Dethatching will remove the thatch and it is built up of organic debris on the ground surface. So it can prevent water and nutrients from getting into soil hence removing it will be easier so that you get a great lawn growth. But a mower is just a unit for cutting the grass.

Q: Can you fold the product?

A: No, you cannot fold the product, but it comes with foldable handles.

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Hence, the GreenWorks 27022 dethatcher is a great product so buying it will never disappoint you. Although the wheels are not a pro to move them backward, once you push the dethatcher you will understand why is it a great product? Moreover, the features are also convincing enough that proves it a worth buying dethatcher. So, if you ever think of getting a dethatcher, you must check out this one. The electric thing will indeed help you a lot to give your lawn a good look.

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