Husqvarna LC121p Reviews

Every lawn deserves a mower that will take care of the grass to keep it look good and healthy. You might get a lot of lawn mowers that belong to different categories- be it price, quality or brand. But the basic thing to keep in mind is the performance of the mower. Hence, we will talk about such mower to let you know about its feature. You might know about Husqvarna that is quite popular for delivering us some good mowers. We will review about one of their products that they claim to be a decent mower to own. So with Husqvarna lc121p reviews, you will get to know what this product got to provide us?

Husqvarna LC121p Reviews

husqvarna lc121p reviews

This Husqvarna lc121p reviews contain both the good and the bad sides of the product. So we will start with its goodness.

Muscle Machine:

This LC121P is a muscle machine that carries a 163cc engine to operate. And yes the engine has a name and it’s the Briggs & Stratton. However, it means that the mower is basically gas powered. Talking about the performance of the product, it is a very decent mower that handles the bigger jobs smoothly. So, even if you have large yard with tough and thick grass, the mower will cut the lawn for you. Thus, if you own a wide one, you can think of taking this one for your lawn. The engine delivers much power that gives your grass a good look.

Trim Quality:

The most crucial element about the mower is the quality of cutting. It’s the cut quality that defines a mower a good or a bad one. To talk about this mower, it features a blade measuring 21 inches that will let you cut the grass in just one pass. So you really do not have to take the trouble to roll over the lawn again and again. Thus, with a sharp blade, you can cut the biggest and the most stubborn grass on a single pull.

Height Adjustment with Cool Mowing Features:

Another important part of the Husqvarna lc121p reviews is its height adjustment. With this mower, you will get a total of 9 slots to adjust the height of cutting. Hence, you can personalize the length of the grass with it. Besides, you can also trim any length of the grass starting from the short to tall, the mower will cut them for you. Moreover, it also tends to mulch, bag, and side discharge the grass. So you are getting a complete routine of mowing with its simple machine. And this is the most unique part of the mower that stands out the most. Thus, for this, we thought of putting Husqvarna lc121p reviews for you.


The machine comes with 11 inches rear wheels that let the mower move over the grass smoothly. It’s the tires that help the mower to move freely and you can roll over the small to medium-sized flat yards easily. Hence the mower comes with cool maneuverability that proves it a decent product to own.

Handles and Grips:

The mower features a foldable handle which is a great help for saving the space for storage. Moreover, the handles are also comfortable to grip and make it easy to control the mower to drive.

Now let us jump into the bad sides of this Husqvarna lc121p reviews

The Size:

The bigger size is a bit hassle whenever you make an effort to use the mower. This lc121p comes with heavyweight with about 62 lbs. so you will find it quite heavy to use. Moreover, since it is not self-propelled, you will face a bit trouble to operate it specifically, if your lawn owns uneven surface. Thus, when you roll over the lawn. It will bump a bit while mowing your grass.


Another issue is its price. The mower costs a little more than you can think of. Hence before you plan to own one, you might have to spend a little for this. And with its cost, you might think of moving to another option which we will say a con side of the product.

husqvarna lc121p reviews


  • The gas machine means it’s more convenient to use.
  • The engine provides superb power to operate the mower.
  • It gives your grass a good look and it cuts clean.
  • It comes with a complete mowing routine with its mulch, bag and discharges feature.
  • It comes with 9 lots for adjusting the cutting height.
  • The wheels roll over the lawn very smoothly.
  • The handles are easy to grip and they are foldable so you can fold it for storage.
  • The mower can cut the grass in a single pull.


  • It is heavyweight, so it might be a hassle to use.
  • The bolts of the handles are not tight enough, so you might find it annoying as it keeps on moving.
  • The wheel adjustment does not have a lock system.

husqvarna lc121p reviews

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is there a primer button on this lawn mower?

A: No, there is no primer button.

Q: does it come with cutting height adjustment?

A: it comes with 9 slots for adjusting the height of cutting.

Q: Is the Husqvarna LC121P mower self-propelled?

A: No, the mower is not self-propelled.

Q: Does it come with the mulching bag?

A: Yes, it comes with mulching bag. You will find it at the back side of the mower.

Q: How do you assemble the mower?

A: Once you get it out of the box, you need a wrench to tighten the nuts and also you need to tighten the screws on the handle as well. Then you are good to go.

Q: Is the handle foldable?

A: Yes, the handle is foldable, you can save the space and keep it for storage easily.

Q: What is the size of the blade?

A: It’s 21 inches.


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This mower comes in both good and bad properties. But it has enough decent elements that cover the con. Moreover, the Husqvarna lc121p reviews intended to only enlighten you about the detail of the product with some more information. So we think if you spend a little, you might get a good product for your lawn to take care of it.

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