Sun Joe Dethatcher Joe AJ800E Review

Have you seen your lawn? Does it look like the Savannah? Well, if it does then my dear need to get it into shape as soon as possible. The Lawn grows thatches which area very dense carpet of roots, stems and grass clippings. This necessarily blocks the flow of water, oxygen and vital nutrients. Hence, it is equally necessary to clean them off from time to time. So, to keep your lawn clean and keep the thatches off you need a dethatcher. Dear readers this article is about a lawn dethatcher called, Sun Joe Dethatcher Joe AJ800E. This dethatcher is a very eco-friendly machine that makes and keeps lawn clean and pretty.

—  Sun Joe Dethatcher Joe AJ800E Review —

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Air Boost Technology:

The Sun Joe Dethatcher Joe AJ800E is a quick dethatcher that has maximum thatch pick up. Also, it is one of those efficient machines that use 24 spring steel tines for maximum thatch pick up. Moreover, these tines stay very sharp for a longer period of time ensuring better and reliable performance.

Instant Starter:

This 11 amp motor starts without any hesitation. There is a push button. All you have to do is push it and voila! Moreover, the Sun Joe Dethatcher Joe AJ800E comes with a safety switch that prevents accidental starting.

Detachable Bag:

This 14-inch raking width and .12 inch below the soil and .35 inch above the soil raking depth dethatcher come with a rear bag as well. Firstly, the rear bag is detachable. Yes, you can collect your dirt in the bag and then move it out to clean. Secondly, it is a 12-gallon bag. Hence, it can collect and store piles of dirt.

The Ultimate Green Machine:

The Sun Joe Dethatcher Joe AJ800E is the ultimate green machine because it does not pollute the air. The instant push button works without emitting toxic carbon into the air. Moreover, it requires no gas, oil or tune-ups. Hence, this makes the Sun Joe DethatcherJoe AJ800Ethe ultimate green machine.

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The best part of the Sun Joe DethatcherJoeAJ800E is that it comes with a full two-year manufacturer’s warranty. In addition to all the features, this is one of the best ones. Moreover, this also reflects the company’s great customer service. Furthermore, the product is ETL approved.


The Sun Joe DethatcherJoe AJ800E has an optimum weight, that is, 30 lbs. It is not too hard to push. Moreover, the product has dimensions of 40 x 20 x 40 inches.


  • Firstly, it has air boost technology that gives maximum pickup
  • Also, very sharp tines that stay like that are durable
  • Power button to start the machine instantly but, also to avoid accidental start
  • Moreover, it comes with a detachable bag that can store 12-gallons of dirt. Also, it has removable property
  • In addition, to all the features, it is very environmentally friendly
  • Furthermore, it comes with full two-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Available in only one color
  • However, the machine turns hot often and needs break to cool off


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Question: Is this more effective than a trusty pull behind dethatcher for a mower?

Answer: The Sun Joe DethatcherJoe AJ800E overheats in about 15 minutes. This is kind of permanent regardless of seasons, temperatures or even lawn condition. Hence, the machine needs 20 – 30 minutes off-time to cool down before the electric motor restarts. However, when it’s running, it does work quite well.

Question: How well does this pick up leaves embedded in the grass after winter?

Answer: Yes, it will pick up the leaves. However, it will be a real hard work.

Question: Is it worth it to get the other Sun Joe model that includes the scarifying blades?

Answer: Yes, it includes those blades. However, the work is not smooth.

Question: Are there extra replacement tines in this package in case they break?!

Answer: Yes there are extra replacement tines. However, they are moderately inexpensive. However, if you set the machine too deep and expect it to act like a rotor tiller then, you will wear out the tines faster.

Question: Are the individual tines replaceable or do you have to replace the entire drum?

Answer: Unfortunately, the entire drum needs replacement when the depth setting is at its lowest level and if you are unable to effectively de- thatch. Moreover, replacing the entire drum ensures that you hit your lawn at the same depth every time. Also, if you do not do so, then, there is a risk of digging too deep with some and missing thatch in others.

Question: Can you adjust the tines to the 3-inch spacing between them?

Answer: Althoughthe tines themselves are not adjustable, only the height above the ground is.

— Final Verdict —

The Sun Joe Dethatcher Joe AJ800E is a very promising dethatcher. Undoubtedly, they fall in the must-have lists especially, if you are a garden person. They are great, not so heavy and most importantly extremely eco-friendly. They do not need gas or oil to run. Besides, they emit zero carbon into the environment.

Moreover, they come with big removable rear bags. This is a blessing because this bag can collect and store the dirt giving you enough time to sort out how and where you will dispose your debris. Also, the instant start button is a cool feature to own as well. Moreover, the product comes with a two-year warranty. This is great news for users because this ensures them that the product is good and that they have a back-up if something, unfortunately, goes wrong. However, the only big problem with the Sun Joe Dethatcher Joe AJ800E is that it gets hot after every 15 minutes of use and needs time to cool. Moreover, it needs vast time to cool that is 20-30 minutes which is a lot. This can be a hectic especially, for people who want to get the job done quickly. Waiting after every 15 minutes also makes the work very tedious and irritable.

So, here I conclude the Sun Joe Dethatcher Joe AJ800E review. Visit to know about the lawn mower. Happy Shopping!

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