Worx WG794 Review

if you are struggling to find a convenient mower, we have got such one that will get you awestruck. As it is an era of android, you might also want one mower that will do the job that a robot does. So, here we have come up with a review of such a robotic mower that carries all the amazing features to go crazy for. Thus with the worx wg794 review, you will get to know about the most unique android mower that they named Landroid. The Landroid is not like an ordinary mower, it is something extraordinary. And we will highlight those extra features in this worx wg794 review article.

Worx WG794 Review

Worx WG794 Review

Experience the Unique Mowing:

The first thing that I will talk about in the worx wg794 review is its mowing performance. With this Landroid, you will find 5 cutting height positions to personalize. The height ranges from 1.6 inches to 4 inches. The mower also tends to navigate narrow passages. Moreover, it can easily tackle the trouble of slopes and can mow inclines and declines till 20 degrees. Moreover, it uses AIA which is Artificial Intelligence Algorithm technology. This is a cutting-edge technology that enables it to find its way and smartly trim the grass with precision. So, even if you own the sloppiest and the most uneven terrain, you can leave the Landroid in the yard to do its job. It cut the grass so evenly that your lawn will get a makeover for the device. Additionally, this product also features multi-zone capacity so that it lets you perfectly manage multiple area lawns. To add more, the machine will mow around ¼ acre of the yard maximally.

Robotic Features:

You will find the product in fully pre-programmed. So, the job of mowing has become this much easy like cutting a butter. However, this little piece can automatically do the job of mowing for its smart features. So, you can customize it with its easy interface. The interface comes with an in-built keyboard that you can operate easily. Moreover, the Landroid also features rain sensors. So whenever it detects the water closer to it, the mower will automatically return to the charging station to prevent damage. And when the grass gets dry, the unit will sense It and will automatically get back to the job of mowing where it last left from. Besides, the mower can also sense when it runs low on battery, thus it can return to the charging station on its own for self-recharge.  But the con side is; it does not come with an alarm for informing you if it has left the border.

Smart Look, Smart Accessories:

This is another reason why we came up with this worx wg794 review. The Landroid  measures 22 inches long, 15 inches wide and 9.5 inches height. You will get the mower weighing 19 pounds. The con part is the materials that come with the model is not fully water-proof. But as it features rain sensor, so this will save your mower from damaging. Moreover, this Landroid comes with 590 feet of perimeter wire so that it can create a boundary around your yard. Moreover, it also includes 200 installation pegs. Additionally, you will get 9 replacement blades with the machine. Although, the mower contains many smart tools, but you will not get any remote to control the device.


This model uses a Shock sensor system for avoiding the obstacles that it encounters while mowing. So no matter how much obstacles the machine come across, they can never damage your machine as both will never collide. Moreover, the Landroid is protected by a security PIN that enables the unit to not work if someone takes it from its normal environment. So even someone steals the machine, it will never work without the security PIN.

Recharge time:

The model uses 28v MaxLithium rechargeable battery. Moreover, the Landroid will take just 90 minutes to get completely recharged.

Worx WG794 Review


  • You can customize the mowing schedules.
  • It tends to trim the lawn routinely.
  • It does the work with minimal noise.
  • It features rain sensor to avoid water, so it will not damage.
  • It can trim over sloppy and uneven terrain.
  • The mower has self-charging feature when it runs on low battery.
  • The mower comes with a security PIN with which it moves around the recognized yard.
  • It cuts the grass in an even manner.


  • There is no remote control to control the device.
  • There is not system to announce so you can know when it crosses border.
  • It comes with a time consuming setup.
  • The battery life is not enough.
  • It sometimes does not return to home for self-recharge.
  • The material are not waterproof.

Worx WG794 Review

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do the wires have to stay permanently?

A: Yes, the perimeter wires have to stay permanently. This is how the machine understands where to mow.

Q: What will you get in the box?

A: You will get a robotic mower, power supply, cord, charging base, 590 feet of perimeter wire, 200 installation peg, one spare set that contains 9 blades, instruction and programming manuals.

Q: How long does each set of blades last?

A: they last for quite a long time, you can flip the blade as they are sharpened on all 4 sides equally. So you can put them in 4 different ways if you want to.

Q: Does the boundary wire need power?

A: Yes, they need power through the base station where the Landroid charges.

Q: What is the cutting heights range and is it adjustable?

A: yes the cutting height is adjustable and it ranges from 2 inches to 4 inches.


As you can see, this Worx wg794 review does not only look into its pro side but its con side as well. But the absent features do not make the robot imperfect. However, you can still experience a different style of mowing with this robot mower. It does not only self-mow but also has the option to self-recharge. And you will also get plenty of other smart features that will definitely attract you to get one. Although some con side like not having a remote to control might disappoint you, yet the mower does the job perfectly. And for this, we thought of putting a Worx wg794 review to enlighten you about the cool machine. Visit to learn about the cordless lawn mowers.

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